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Vicolo Turati, 1
27020 Parona Lomellina (PV)
Tel.: 0384 253018
Fax:0384 252975
The foundation dates back to the start Collivasone John started the business of baker in the last decades of the 1800s. Among the first in the manufacture of "Offelle of Parona" dealers of brands and patents protecting this product typical of the place, have a flag gloriously linked to the quality that distinguishes all the produce of the House. The authenticity of the ingredients (ie flour, eggs, sugar and olive oil) merged into a summary guessed offer the consumer in search of gourmet wholesome food, the best production of a confectionery that lives in difficult times as our between the prevailing adulteration of all kinds.Typical and traditional sweet/cookies “Offelle di Parona”; whole-meal biscuits, sugar free or with natural sweetening biscuits, chocolate biscuits; one portion biscuits; rice, corn, lemon, spelt, kamut, soya biscuits; “Baci di dama” biscuits; bakery products.


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