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Via Castelletto 11
27057 Varzi  (PV)
Tel.: 0383 52283
Fax:0383 52668
The history of the Vecchio Varzi® brand dates back to the 1970’s, however, the tradition of Varzi salami that the company proudly preserves, dates at least as far back as the Middle Ages, if not even to the Lombard period. As far back as 12th century, Varzi salami was enjoyed by the Marchesi Malaspina, the feudal lords of the Valle Staffora. From that time onwards, the salami-making tradition was passed down from generation to generation amongst the area’s inhabitants until the artisanal activity became organised and met with entrepreneurial initiative.
This is how the Vecchio Varzi factory was born, over thirty years ago in the centre of the ancient village. In 2001 a new structure was built at the gates of the town to increase production capacity and comply with health and safety legislation.
Great care was taken in designing the new building, so as not to lose the particular characteristics that made the Vecchio Varzi® brand a benchmark for quality salami: for this reason the new curing cells reproduce the same conditions as those found in the cellars of the ancient village where Varzi salami has always been made.

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