The Firm
   Risotto, Pasta and Soup ready to be cooked with dried ingredients, packed in bag. Risotto and Soups ready to be eaten, cooking directions in microwave, packed in single portion tray
   Fruit Jams,. Flowers preserves, fruit syrups, cookies
   Fresh potatoes gnocchi, genovese pesto based upon basil from Liguria and sauces
   Traditional doc wines of Oltrepo region (near Pavia). White and red (Pinot noir) and Croatina (Typical grapes of the Region) Riesling Pinot Gris, wines classic method rosè and white
   The foundation dates back to the start Collivasone John started the business of baker in the last decades of the 1800s. Among the first in the manufacture of "Offelle of Parona" dealers of brands and patents protecting this product typical of the place, have a flag gloriously linked to the quality that distinguishes all the produce of the House. The authenticity of the ingredients (ie flour, eggs, sugar and olive oil) merged into a summary guessed offer the consumer in search of gourmet wholesome food, the best production of a confectionery that lives in difficult times as our between the prevailing adulteration of all kinds.Typical and traditional sweet/cookies “Offelle di Parona”; whole-meal biscuits, sugar free or with natural sweetening biscuits, chocolate biscuits; one portion biscuits; rice, corn, lemon, spelt, kamut, soya biscuits; “Baci di dama” biscuits; bakery products.
   Art of conserving the higly-prized wild special mushrooms and entirely natural. Extending the range, we have other delicacies including typical piedmontese hors d'oeuvres
   The Azienda Agricola La Gallinella has for many generation been the property of the same family that directly manage and oversee the Azienda. Agriculture here is the fountain of life, tradition ,pride and the constant involvement for excellence,the result of the profound tie with nature.
"FIOR DI RISO" main logo of a range of products, of professional evolution, was born with a desire to offer the consumer, in an ethical health contest ,in multiple versions and packing, a genuine and safeguarded product, at its best the valid fruit of the product.
The profound knowledge of the prime material allows for the selection of the best rice grains, giving our clients the maximum quality of their precious virtues. Selected grain for grain. With the traditional and updated modern equipment available, we not only guarantee the continuity and rapid carrying out of each order but also a constant and optimum quality.
Rice produced in all qualities originating both from conventional agriculture and from biological agriculture. Rice biscuits.
   The vast range of products made by Matteo srl developed from a line of semi-processed un-baked frozen products and above all pre-baked products for making bread. This line of products enables the company to respond to the ever-changing needs of the bread market.
The company operates in the bread-making and pastry-making sector. It produces semi-processed frozen products, un-baked products, baked products and partially baked products. Main products: un-baked bread, partially-baked special stuffed breads, focaccia, pizza bases, quiches, desserts, biscuits, single serving products, etc.

   Vegetable alimentary conserves industry natural and organic (tomatoes, chick-peas, lentils beans), soups, tomato paste.
   Home production or high quality red wines of Tuscany Region. Poggio Mandorlo elegant Cabernet Franc (30%) and sensous Merlot (70%). La Querce fruity wine. Il Guardiano fragrant cherry and violet.
   Production of rice of different variedness (Carnaroli, Arborio, Ribe, dwarf Vialone, Rome and Parboiled), ready risotto with vegetables, with asparagus, with porcine mushrooms and with truffles, condiment for salads of rice (with green olives, black olives, carrots, artichokes, capers, fennel, peas, paprika, cetrio
   Shiitake mushrooms in oil and in brìine-
   Production of nougat, nougat pralines, mostarda (spicy fruit chutney), chocolates and pralines.
   The history of the Vecchio Varzi® brand dates back to the 1970’s, however, the tradition of Varzi salami that the company proudly preserves, dates at least as far back as the Middle Ages, if not even to the Lombard period. As far back as 12th century, Varzi salami was enjoyed by the Marchesi Malaspina, the feudal lords of the Valle Staffora. From that time onwards, the salami-making tradition was passed down from generation to generation amongst the area’s inhabitants until the artisanal activity became organised and met with entrepreneurial initiative.
This is how the Vecchio Varzi factory was born, over thirty years ago in the centre of the ancient village. In 2001 a new structure was built at the gates of the town to increase production capacity and comply with health and safety legislation.
Great care was taken in designing the new building, so as not to lose the particular characteristics that made the Vecchio Varzi® brand a benchmark for quality salami: for this reason the new curing cells reproduce the same conditions as those found in the cellars of the ancient village where Varzi salami has always been made.
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